Isopropyl Alcohol, 75%, (V/V), Reagent Grade, Poly Bottle, 4L

Catalog Key: CP-C9090
Molecular Formula: (CH3)2CHOH
MDL: MFCD00011674
Grade: Reagent
Formula Weight: 60.1
EINECS: 200-661-7
Packaging: Poly Bottle
Density: 0.786
Size: 4L
CAS: [67-63-0]

Available Products under Isopropyl Alcohol
Part #DescriptionGradePackagingSizeCommentsPrice
CP-C9090Isopropyl Alcohol, 75%, (V/V)ReagentPoly Bottle4LSuitable for lab, histology and cytology applications$77.22
CP-C9092Isopropyl Alcohol, HPLCHPLCGlass Bottle4LFor HPLC, Septrophotometry and Applications requiring ACS grade solvent$136.00
CP-C9093Isopropyl Alcohol, ACSACSGlass Bottle4LMeets ACS Specifications for general use$80.00
CP-E9093Isopropyl Alcohol, ACSACSMetal Pail20LMeets ACS Specifications for general use$240.00
CP-C9094PIsopropyl Alcohol, Lab/Histo GradeLab/Histo GradePoly Bottle4LSuitable for lab, histology and cytology applications$86.00
CP-E9094MIsopropyl Alcohol, Lab/Histo GradeLab/Histo GradeMetal Pail20LSuitable for lab, histology and cytology applications$180.00