Buffer pH 7 Yellow, Standard Grade, Cube, 20L

Catalog Key: CP-E1238C
Molecular Formula: KCL+H3BO3/NaOH
MDL: MFCD00130682
Grade: Standard
Formula Weight: pH 7.00
EINECS: 231-791-2
Packaging: Poly Cube
Density: at 25oC
Size: 20L
CAS: Buffer-ph7

Available Products under Buffer Ph 7
Part #DescriptionGradePackagingSizeCommentsPrice
CP-A1238PBuffer pH 7 YellowStandardPoly Bottle500mlPhosphate Buffer, Traceable to NIST$29.04
CP-C1238PBuffer pH 7 YellowStandardPoly Bottle4LPhosphate Buffer, Traceable to NIST$86.24
CP-E1238CBuffer pH 7 YellowStandardPoly Cube20LPhosphate Buffer, Traceable to NIST$166.10