Phosphated Buffered Saline 10X Sterile Solution, Sterile, Plastic Bottle, 1 L

Catalog Key: CPB-P32060-1L
Molecular Formula:
Grade: Sterile, 10X Solution
Formula Weight:
Packaging: Plastic Bottle
Density: 1.00
Size: 1 L
CAS: 7732-18-5; 7647-14-5; 7447-40-7; 7558-79-4; 7778-77-0


PBS 10X Solution, is a widely used reagent in life science research. It is a buffered saline solution that contains phosphate ions, which help maintain a stable pH level in biological and biochemical experiments.  PBS 10X Solution is commonly used in various applications such as cell culture, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, and molecular biology techniques. The primary function of PBS 10X Solution is to provide a stable environment for biological samples by maintaining a physiological pH and ionic strength.

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CPB-P32060-1LPhosphated Buffered SalineSterilePlastic Bottle1 L$46.75
CPB-P32060-4LPhosphated Buffered SalineSterilePlastic Bottle4 L$127.00
CPB-P32060-10LPhosphated Buffered SalineSterilePlastic Bottle10 L$171.50
CPB-P10400-1LPhosphated Buffered SalineSterilePlastic Bottle1 L$43.00